"Mr. Kumar is much more than a regular accountant. He knows how small Businesses run and gives ideas on the Sales, marketing and labor strategies. In my case he pushed me into getting certified with the NY State and City to generate more revenue. I've been using Trinity Tax and Accounting Solutions for over 4 year now, since day one Trinity team have proved to be highly professional and also making sure I'm in compliance with Federal and State, I highly recommend Trinity Services and I look forward to keep using its services for many years to come!"


I am very glad that I came to Trinity Tax & Financial Solutions Inc. with a letter from Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) asking to pay $93,000 for 2008 tax return(1040) done erroneously by my previous accountant.
Mr. Kumar and Ms. Lan processed the claim and resolved my case. I did not have to pay that amount. In addition to that, they helped me to the refund of $3,000.
I would also like to recognize the kindness and good public relations that Mr. Ben showed to me. He is a very good asset to Trinity Tax & Financial Solutions, Inc.
I will definitely recommend your service to my friends!
Thanks again!

Aracelis Martinez 95-22 63rd Road Apt 403, Rego Park, NY 11374

At the beginning I was very worried with the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) audit and some other complications that I had from previous years that was done erroneously by my previous accountant.
It took 4 months to resolve but it was worthwhile because I was supposed to pay a big amount of money and penalties, down payment for payment plan and I was able to get out of those with the help of Mr. Kumar.
I am very appreciative of God’s help and Trinity Tax & Financial Solutions, Inc.
Ben was very helpful and supportive every time I called or visit the office.

Blanca L Seneriz 95-22 63rd Road Apt 403, Rego Park, NY 11374

“Every business owner should look at their income expense on quarterly basis to keep their business in proper track. Expenses and income should be categorized as per CPA instruction so return can be filed properly. Mr. Kumar analyzes my Financial Statements and gives me valuable input to for my dental business. I definitely recommend Mr. Kumar, CPA, to all the Dentists to use his services.”
“By the way, I really enjoyed the seminar in Long Island; it really threw light on so many topics. I love reading your monthly Newsletter and bi-weekly E-Newsletter. I would definitely recommend to dentists to start using his services.”

Dhanraj Mehta Owner, DMMB Corp

“You Are a Good Accountant, Business Owner and Friend!”
I can’t thank you enough for your help. Our experience with Trinity Tax & Financial Solutions, Inc. has been wonderful. The team has been professional, understanding, and practical.
Mr. Kumar is very helpful, easy to talk and discuss any matters concerning business accounts, finance and personal matters. You are a good accountant, business owner and friend. You have always answered our questions and guided us in the right direction.

Dr. Rubina Khatoon Owner, Aqual Dental

“At first I was cautious about using a CPA to prepare my tax returns for my small business, but my fears were put to rest after meeting with the excellent staff at Trinity Tax. Mr. Lalchan patiently answered my questions and arranged for me to meet Mr. Kumar personally. When the time came to file my return, Mr. Kumar did a thorough job. He helped me to better understand what qualifies as a business expense. He explained the teacher's credit and made sure that I would pay the government what I owe, and no more than that. I appreciate his commitment to financial integrity and honesty. Overall, I wasn't expecting the kindness that was shown to me at Trinity Tax. I am grateful I found their service and look forward to being a long-term client.”

Kelly Nicole Parker President & Owner, Kelly Parker Music

"Trinity Tax & Financial Solutions Inc. is like family to me. Everybody is so warm and nice, and they always very helpful for everything that I need on my personal taxes or my business taxes. I always recommended Trinity Tax to my entire colleague and my workers as well. It is s difficult to get trust worthy accountant or CPA in New York. But, Trinity Tax & Financial Solutions Inc. is one of the trustworthy CPAs in NY.

Tassan Jatikusuma - CEO, Broadway Energy Group