Sushil Kumar, CPA. MBA, CGMA, ACA

Sushil Kumar is a rare accountant who guarantees success to clients who follow his advice. His education include a blend of financially-based accreditation: Master in Business Management, Certified Public Accountant and Registered Investment Advisor. His professional background include experiences as a former Controller/Chief Financial Officer in various corporations.

His mission is to help small business owners achieve their financial goals. He has been consulting for small businesses and professional practices for the last twenty years. He is also the owner of several small businesses, so coaching small business comes naturally to him.

As the founder and president of Trinity Tax & Financial Solutions, Inc., Mr. Kumar provides every day and long-term help to hundreds of small businesses in the Tri-State region. His astute ability to analyze numbers helps him to slice and dice businesses, and advise owners to make profitable decisions.

He preaches and practices a proactive approach towards making a profitable business. “Post-facto analysis is always 20/20 vision. What good it is, if you have already lost resources which could have been saved?” Mr. Kumar says. He advocates for his clients to meet with him on a regular basis, so that he can remain on top of their action plan.

Mr. Kumar's training and experience makes it possible for him to understand the current financial status of the small business owner, and take him or her to the next level of financial success. He's witnessed several small business owners struggling to find and surround themselves with the right professional team.

To accomplish his goals of serving small business owners, Mr. Kumar offers business service packages including Entity Structuring, QuickBooks Health Checks, Tax Planning, Live Payroll Solutions, and most importantly, Financial Stewardship Meetings. Mr. Kumar suggest that every business owner must demand such services from their accountants, as traditional accountants providing “after the fact” services are fast becoming extinct.

Mr. Kumar, a CPA with over 20 years of experience, is a well-rounded expert in finance, tax, and accounting. Licensed in Insurance, and Notary, Mr. Kumar is also a member of the Queens Chamber of Commerce, NY State Society of Certified Public Accountants, National Association of Tax Practitioners Society, and New York State Insurance Department. Having served as a corporate CFO for over five years, Mr. Kumar works relentlessly to ensure his clients' financial success, stability, and peace of mind.

Mr. Kumar is committed to upholding the firm's mission statement.