Tenant occupied

Rental Home or Landlord Policies

A second home can be covered under a homeowner's policy with declarations as long as you, the owner, reside in it at least part of the time. If you plan to rent the home, even on a short-term basis, you'll need to get rental home coverage, also known as a landlord policy. The type of policy you'll need will depend on whether you intend to keep any furnishings or appliances in the home you wish to have coverage for, and the kind of peril coverage you want, because some policies cover only specified perils, such as fire or vandalism, while others cover all but excluded perils.

Renter's insurance is designed to protect your valuables, as opposed to the dwelling itself. If you own renter's insurance and your valuables are destroyed or damaged by any covered causes, the policy will pay you the value of the items lost, up to the face value of your policy.