Our Life and Financial Planning Services Provides maximizing your personal wealth...

  • Investment analysis & Asset Monitoring to achieve your goals.
  • College Financial Aid Planning and Students Financial Planning for Freshmen.
  • Life, Accident & Health insurances
  • Retirement Planning including IRAs, Social Security Analysis. Long Term Care & Medicaid Planning.
  • Home and Auto Purchase Planning.
  • Mortgage Services for first time buyers & refinance.
  • Credit Score Maximizing.
  • Wealth Building Strategies to meet your life's goals.
  • Elder care Assurance services.
  • Divorce Settlement Planning.
  • Estate Planning including Wills, Living Will, Health care Proxies and Ethical wills.

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Trinity Tax & Financial Solutions, Inc.

  1. No wait, Drop Off System, Convenient Location.
  2. No Worries, Accuracy Guaranteed.
  3. A Team of Financial Professionals to serve all your needs.
  4. Free Electronic Filing of Taxes.
  5. Audit Protection from the Government.
  6. No Appointment necessary-Open all Year round.
  7. Free Money Saving: Review prior years' Tax Returns.
  8. 'Peace of Mind' Financial Planning.
  9. A Plan to fit your Life-Goals.
  10. Confidentiality.

Our passion is to maximize your wealth and minimize your fears. We are your Trusted Advisors with a human touch.

Call us now for a FREE-no Obligation Appointment. It will empower you with very informed decisions.


Our mission is to make your business and personal financial lives run better so that you maximize your wealth, become financially secure and have peace at mind based on well informed decisions. We are your committed partners in your personal and business success.


Trinity Tax & Financial Solutions Inc. is a CPA firm specializing in Accounting, Taxes, Business Advisory, Financial Planning and Life Solutions. To run a small business is often "no walk in the park". You have to wear many hats and that often leaves too little time to actually run the business. There are so many 'unknowns'. We convert your "unknowns" to realistic solutions so that you can run your business in a very in¬formed way.

"Close Personal Attention to Increase Your Profit & Income"

Our Accounting Services Benefit you with increased Profits and Reduced Taxes ...

  • Monthly Profit and Loss Statements which help you monitor your business better and make timely decisions.
  • Unlimited Consultation of your business matters which will be priceless in running your day to day business life.
  • Timely preparation of your Federal and State tax forms including payroll tax, sales tax and income taxes.
  • We work over various communication channels such as email, fax, telephone, teleconference, blogs, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, YouTube, Skype, FedEx and of course the good old snail mail.

Our Business Advisory Services Benefit you with Solutions to on going Challenges ....

  • Incorporations & Dissolutions
  • Business Planning for Start-ups, Growth including Office Policy, Employee Agreements, Corporation Book Update
  • Bank Loans, Line of Credit
  • Year End Tax Planning to minimize income taxes
  • Buy/Sell agreements for partners/ sole proprietors
  • QuickBooks Training and Consulting
  • Compensation and Benefits planning for employers and Employees.
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Business Insurances Planning
  • Employee/Independent Contractor Agreements
  • IRS representation & Audit Protection from the Government.
  • Retirement Plans (401 K's, Pension Plans)
  • Notary Services
  • Individual Tax Identification (ITINS)

Our CPA firm specializes in businesses & professional offices like yours that are looking to attain financial freedom and individual success.
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